Friday, December 14, 2007

Link Haze, 12/14/07.

• It's 4:15pm, and I am just back from a client holiday luncheon. I am fucking shitfaced.
• (right) Ad for the Tourneau Technomarine watch line. Yes, of course it is. (link)
• The ten biggest cocks in English advertising, via Charlie Brooker. Very UK video rant. (link)
• Every shitty celebrity blog out there posted about the new Paris Hilton for Rich Prosecco advertising. Defamer's Mark Lisanti's take is the only one worth reading. (link)
• Today's truthful headline from Pravda: "Conceiving baby turns out to be extremely difficult and painstaking job." (link)
• Fucking pandering American Airlines ad rewritten truthfully. (link)
• An X-mas entry from Pepto-Bismol's singing ad contest. (link)
• I again agree with Bob Garfield: the Burger King should be killed. Fuck you, smug cp+b. How many fucking burgers has he sold? (link)
• Del Monte dog treats look like penises. (link)
• A smart woman dissects the next stupid ad in the idiotic Tampax campaign that I shat on awhile back. (link)
• FishNChimps has conclusive proof that the package you see in the new David Beckham ads for Armani underwear is real. Also, note the "come in a posh box" brilliance. (link)


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