Friday, March 21, 2008

Link Haze, 3/21/08.

• Flash Drive engagement rings (right). Monogamy x 100 x 4GB? (link, via)
• Guantánamo Bay-inspired underwear by Agent Provocateur. Penis torture. (link)
• Oh look—soon entire buildings will be shrink-wrapped ads. Coming in 2012, the Target® Freedom Tower! (link)
• A wrap-up of TV spots: the creepiest sexual abuse PSA ever (link); the stupidest local furniture store commercial ever (link); and the absolute worst political spot ever (link).
• Selling Girl Scout cookies on e-bay—capitalism or capital crime? (link)
• Headline on this 30+ year-old VW ad even more poignant today. (link)
• The once great Kool-Aid® Man has been gutted. (link)
• The sloganizer. "copyranter makes your dreams come true!™" (link, via)
• brooklyn apt. for rent. exposed brick, telephone. (link)
• Burger King & McDonald's "diversity" ads practically identical. (link)
• Paul Smith "super-secret sample sale"—line-up soulless superfluous sheep. (link)
• Obama's race speech, sponsored by Oreo (snicker). (link)
• Lastly, an Australian man built a suicide robot, which he then commanded to shoot him dead in his driveway, which it did. I want a picture (and detailed diagrams) of this robot! (link)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's not all that's gone wrong in Hong Kong lately..

The 14-year-old Ritz Carlton, a standout building in the Central Business District, is being torn down for another soulless office block. This is presumably because a top-notch hotel in one of Asia's richest cities cannot make enough profit to satisfy greedy real estate developers.

Within days of its closure, it was adorned with a massive (maybe 20-25 stories) CK ad focused on a dude's bikini-clad nuts.

4:46 AM  

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