Monday, April 14, 2008


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Well Woodman, you've made it: you've become a parody of a parody. Surely, your satirical mind can appreciate this, if not your kinda ghastly two-color representation. Oh where and when will the fake American Apparel ad artist strike Gotham next? And can anybody stop him/her? previous fake American Apparel posters: under her skirt, iPod girl's Shiny and Sheer; the "romper," with Dildos; "barely there" masturbation; hey Hollywood—stuff this; and tube socks with anal insertion.
(posters at Houston & Mott, Spring & The Bowery, via stereo hell)


Blogger Apple Bottom James said...

Woody is not nearly as much fun as anal insertion, the "romper" or Shiny and Sheer but I think it is a good FU to Dov.

12:03 AM  

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