Friday, April 04, 2008

Link Haze, 4/04/08.

• Fawn ice-cube tray (see more, link)
• ANIMAL New York is back! Jesus Fucking Christ, it's about fucking time. A great daily NYC/culture read. (link)
• Aerosmith, for NASA. Somebody had "toys in the attic." (link)
• Gas cap advertising. (link)
• Botox company's tagline is "It's All About Freedom Of Expression." (link)
• A Brazilian beer Website allows you to place a tattoo of your name on their beer babe. How fucking idiotic. (link)
• Ohio man caught fucking his picnic table. (link)
• I freely admit, I am a pretty stupid writer. But not this stupid. (link)
• David Barton gym in Chicago seeks hot androgynous members (heh). (link)
• John Adams's emails to Abigail Adams. (link)
• Chris Farley spotted at Yankee game. (link)
• What do you get a bed-wetter for Christmas? Depends. HaHaHaHaHa FUCK YOU it's Friday. (link)
• Cottonelle wallpapered a NYC subway train. (link)
• I love that people keep fucking with the Philosophy Works subway posters. (link)
• Nina Desea is a million watt beacon for all women in advertising. (link)
• Canadian Club's latest campaign, which I have absolutely no opinion about, seems to be working. Bravo? (link)
• Erotic Falconry. (link) Why? I don't fucking know. Many people have a combo of too much time and too little imagination. (thanks to Jewess Newton for the tip)
• Finally, the best April Fool's Day stunt I came across: the Lou Dobbs tortilla chip eBay auction. (link) Also, if you missed it, watch the xenophobe almost call Barack Obama and Condoleezza Rice "cotton-pickin'"something or others. (link)


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Re: Botox..
More like, "Freedom From Expression".

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