Friday, May 16, 2008

Link Haze, 5/16/08.

• Swedish Fish ads? meh. Swedish Fish delivery truck? heh. (link)
• A recipe for wiener water soup. (link)
• This BBC radio review of Iron Man is the kind of nuanced insightfulness missing here in the colonies. (link)
• So, the GOP's fancy new party slogan is the exact same one used to market anti-depressant Effexor. (link)
• Sorry I Called You Sweetie—a good emo band name. (link)
• I was frantically looking for a screwdriver to gouge my eardrums out whilst watching/listening to this Home Depot training film. (link)
• Gold Bond is breath mint for your balls. (link)
• A true mystery: what is the Nasonex bee's nationality? (link)
• Obsessive Star Wars fans could channel that energy into saving the planet. Instead, we get shit like this. (link)
• You say 'Hello Kitty,' I say 'Goodbye Kitty.' (link)
• Mixed media paintings by Ian Francis. (link)
• Before sticking a flute up her hoo-hah in American Pie, a young, innocent Alyson Hannigan shilled for Mylanta. (link)
• The DC Metro installs hopscotch and I Spy in stations in effort to stop people from hurling themselves in front of trains. Yeah, this'll work beautifully. (link)
Contextual ad oops, UK analog edition (thanks Mark Russell). (link)
• Join the Navy. Get blown up. (link)
Red Bull gives you wings? How 'bout stabilizers? (link)
• A short film: New York City pigeons having sex. (link)
craigslist ad of the week: "I have lots of imitation crab meat." (link)
• I vehemently disagree with this Vice "do." (link)
• I'd actually been rooting for Donny Deutsch and his TV show—until he took his shirt off last week (again), and said he could be NYC mayor if he wanted. (link)
• Sweet Jesus, a Mr. Rogers porno is cumming. (link, via)
• Finally, pants-optional CEO Dov Charney spotted on the LES, with murse. (link)


Blogger Tracer Bullet said...

With a bit of effort, one can find on the Intratubes pictures of kiddie porn, incest, bestiality, (I hope simulated) necrophilia and shit play, to say nothing of disgusting images of cruelty, violence and racism. Despite all that, this Mr. Rogers porn might be the most disturbing thing ever put online.

11:40 AM  
Blogger Andrew said...

"This BBC radio review of Iron Man is the kind of nuanced insightfulness missing here in the colonies."

Too bad they didn't, nay couldn't, have made such a fine piece of cinema. We win.

2:05 AM  

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