Sunday, June 08, 2008

Link Haze, 6/8/07.

• The most depressing photo ever posted on the Internet. (link)
• Bolivian female wrestling. (link)
• Sunkist has removed all the coloring out of its Orange soda, at least according to this photoshoot. (link)
• The Denorex shampoo man, ad icon of a bygone era. (link, via)
• The Dale Earnhardt Hershey bar: tasty dead racer goodness. (link)
• Bordellos beginning billboard advertising. (link) my services are available, Madams.
• The one-handed one-hitter, greatest invention of the post-industrial age. (link)
• Production company employees allow themselves to be filmed in slo-mo getting socked in the head. (link)
• Williamsburg church sign quip blows away Kenneth Cole. (link)
• Top 10 racist faces of Brigitte Bardot. (link)
• Absinthe Gummi Bears. (link)
• Dsquared2 continues its edgy crash test mannequin ads. (link)
• Homoerotic golf ball commercial. (link)
• Time for another round of fun parody diversity ads. (link)
• In the UK, cats stop young boys from getting in cars with strangers. (link)
• Manhattan food cart advertising goes high tech. (link)
• ...because Mike's HARD Lemonade is what every tough guy I know drinks. (link)
• Inarguable tagline of the week: Seeds That Grow. (link)
MadMen billboard in New Zealand pisses off Jews. (link)
• Finally, the Pabst Blue Ribbon coffin. (link)


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