Friday, August 08, 2008

Link Haze, 8/08/08.

• Gilbert Gottfried tells a horrible 'Olsen twins walk into a bar' joke at Bob Saget's roast. (link)
• The River Gym is a soft-boat/gym thing that would circle Manhattan powered by the exercisers inside. Oh yeah, brilliant idea, What could go wrong? The East River would eat through that thing in a week. (link, via)
• Chicken Of The Sea is looking for new jingles from you, consumer. My suggestion? Get the word 'tuna' in there somewhere. (link)
• Local Florida lawyer looks to God for help. (link)
• The fair and balanced network's FOXSexpert is a kinky lass. (link)
• Skittles new spot "Feet" is pretty good, but doesn't compare to "Touch." (link)
• You want brand extension? Hello Kitty® mosquito repellent patches. (link)
• NJ heroin dealer uses the DEA logo as his brand ID. (link)
• this groovy retro Hanna-Barbera anti-drug spot feels more pro-drugs. (link)
• COOL spine type by Bjorn Johansson. (link)
• Agency Tart is back up and spilling on her idiot business contacts. (link)
• You Got Milk, but do you Got Eggs? (link)
• A wayward truck in Greenpoint asks the universal question. (link)
• er...(link)
• Lastly, will golf balls blend? Yes, yes they will. I hate golf. (link)


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How are you supposed to find that gym, or get on/off it?

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