Saturday, September 06, 2008

Link Haze, 9/06/08.

• Sarah Palin, GOP super-heroine. (link)
• Speaking of Palin, she's apparently a big fan of the "sport" of aerial wolf hunting. (link)
• Walmart ad shows up on a blog that says "N*gger Obama Eats Babies." (link)
• If you haven't seen it yet, here's the Ortega makes US gymnast Shawn Johnson's "taco pop" spot. Seriously, how the heck did this ever get produced? (link)
• craigslist ad of the week: London supervillain seeks henchmen. (link)
AssVertiser Lush beauty products hired a performance artist to hang from hooks in a London storefront window to protest shark abuse. (link)
• The Jesus Mobile of Orlando. (link)
• Reynolds Wrap ad features a tagging turkey carcass. (link)
• Dead man talking for Golden Gate Funeral Home. (link)
• Gimmick band Eagles Of Death Metal joins Denny's rockstar menu gimmick. (link)
• Chinese students go back to school in ad-sponsored uniforms. (link)
• ConEd. On It. (link)


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