Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Well, she does have milky white skin.

(click ad) Via Singapore, this ad for Imedeen skin treatment tablets with the jaw-dropping (heh) head(heh)line is apparently real, though it is a couple of years old. The product is evidently popular with some Asian women because it helps "whiten" the skin. I, uh, well I'll just shut my mouth (heh). I just post 'em, I don't write 'em. Zoe here maybe wasn't told what the line was going to be during the shoot. (found by art director Jason Slack, via) previously in I Can't Believe They Said That sexual advertising.


Blogger garrito said...

I guess that rules her out for appearing in a pearl necklace campaign.

1:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have received several e-mails regarding an advertisement that ran for a short period in Singapore in 2006. These appear to generate from a blogsite that incorrectly states it promotes a product for skin whitenening. IMEDEEN do not manufacture skin whitening products. IMEDEEN is an anti-ageing skincare tablet that is ingested.

Back in 2006 local subsidiaries and distributors had much more creative freedom in conceiving and executing marketing creative. I have been told that this particular ad was discussed a lot internally, since it might back-fire on us. Today, we have centralized approval of creative to safeguard that something like this does not compromise the IMEDEEN brand.

For more information visit www.imedeen.com

5:06 AM  

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