Monday, April 13, 2009

Microsoft wipes its ass with the Gettysburg Address.

(click ad) Abe Lincoln would have been a PC, right? Obama administration drones? You're democratically obligated to use Microsoft enterprise software solutions—it's right there in the Gettysburg Address. Well, it was there in an early draft. Nice use of fake old-timey ink to lend authenticity to their bleeding of Civil War dead. But those ink blotches should be red, though. Scanned from the latest Governing magazine. previously in awful Microsoft advertising: Tech Ad Watch—moronic monsters ball. Welcome to the (fake) people_ready business.


Blogger Teenie said...

We have a TV ad up here for this Microsoft campaign, which talks about low-fare airline WestJet. Every time I see that dang ad, I think it's about WestJet. It took me about 15 rounds till I realized it was for Microsoft and not new low fares... Eejits.

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