Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Human Trafficking Awareness Advertising Comes To The Supermarket Meat Case.

(click images) Is she Grade A? Well, the government of tiny Luxembourg is responsible for maybe the creepiest Ad Creep ambient effort yet. Via ad agency Mikado Publicis, these packaged prostitutes with authentic-looking labels were placed in amongst the meaty comestibles in local markets. Headline and copy translation, according to the press note: "If you pay a prostitute, you're financing human trading. Every year, 2,450,000 people become victims of human trafficking, of whom 92% end up being used for human sex. 98% of the victims used by the sex industry are women and children!" Certainly shocking and memorable, but the supermarket is maybe not the best place to target Luxembourger men, yes? Also, I have to point out: no nipples (images via).
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As we all know by now, journalists Laura Ling and her colleague Euna Lee were detained by North Korea for illegal entry into the country.

They were attempting to film refugees/human trafficking along the border with China.

Now that they are safely home perhaps their next less-challenging assignment would be for them to visit these supermarkets in tiny Luxembourg and do a thorough investigation.

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