Monday, July 13, 2009

Cute business card will get Toronto massage therapist laid.

(click images) Knot bad! Non-traditional business cards are big these days. So a Toronto massage therapist named Derek Royer paid big ad agency Leo Burnett to design a cute as a fucking bug's ear card. Or much more likely, Derek Royer's big ad agency friend did it for free in the hope of winning worldwide design fame. Or Derek works at Leo Burnett. No matter, Derek just has to hand hot chicks (or studs) his knotted up piece of fabric card, and make the 'call me' motion, and he's got more action than his oiled-up hands can handle (images via).
Previously in cute fucking promo thingies: chocolate shop's dental chart promo card. NYC Museum of Sex blowjob balloons. Jontex condom semen umbrellas. Iams barbell disc Frisbee.


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