Monday, July 06, 2009

To avoid a f*cking embarrassing death, use a condom.

(click ads) Men do the stupidest things. Well-photographed, blackly comical print ads by Istanbul agency RPM Radar for O.K., a Turkish brand of prophylactics. The line loosely translate to: "Don't say: 'It won't happen to me.'" Previously, O.K. used a strange image of an erect penis wearing a toque to pitch (heh) their "Hot Touch" rubbers. "Where's the hot half-naked chick at?", you may be wondering. Well, these executions continue the recent unsexy trend of using the hard (heh) sell approach to sell safe sex. Do the ads work? They do strongly connect "reckless" with "condom-less." Click here for a post featuring a roundup of many of the recent condom ads from around the world (images via).


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