Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dutch Railways looks to pick up new customers by accident.

(click image, via) Via ad agency DDB Amsterdam, it's a very wordy and quite dangerous advert for Dutch Railways on, it appears, the back of a commuter bus. (Or a hired vehicle?) If you're going to possibly cause fender-benders/injuries/deaths, at the least you should give the poor driver a more entertaining story; that one's pretty pedestrian. (It's clunky because it's translated from Dutch for publicity purposes.)
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Anonymous Vinnie said...

I like it but it won't mean anything (not be effective) unless you are stuck in traffic. The idea is that if you've had time to read all this, you must be stuck in traffic (try the train instead). But what happens if there's no traffic and this bus is just driving in front of you? In that case, yeah it could cause some fender benders. Great concept (love the tagline), but seems to work best as a print ad (as opposed to ambient stunt).

9:13 AM  

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