Monday, April 19, 2010

Aids, war, hunger, hope...and Bulgaris.

(click ad, via) Paul David Hewson's photosensitive eyes are shamelessly exploited to sell sunglasses by Indian company Lawrence & Mayo. L&M is probably hoping that the sloppy blowjob delivered in the body copy will stay the Bono legal team. The center illustration—guitar in one hand, baby in the other—is just ridiculous. Previously: Topographical zombie Bono used to promote Irish economic development.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

also its Sarajevo,rather than Sarajeva (top right corner of this rag). Pathetic.

4:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The way I look at this ad it is ridiculous. There are many things wrong with it. I don’t see how telling people their photosensitive eyes can see what’s wrong with the world if you buy these sunglasses. It is not a logical explanation. I would rather hear something about how they can benefit me, rather than being told I will see what is wrong with our world. The advertiser needs to rethink his forms of advertisement to appeal to more people. This ad also portrays a false sense of reality. Yeah Bono might be an activist and a singer and do things that help the world, but it is not the sunglasses that do it. Most of the people that would buy these glasses would not turn out to be activists at all. They would be most likely doing it for a fashion statement. Bringing in the political side of selling things might turn a lot of people off too. I know that I do not like hearing a stars political view when I am interested in buying a product. There is no reason to get political when selling sunglasses. From this ad I can find many things that would prevent me from even considering buying these sunglasses. From the political sense and the false claims made, I believe that many sunglasses would be left on the shelf.

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