Monday, May 10, 2010

But hockey fans know you don't shave facial hair during the playoffs.

(click image) Recent billboard erected in an unknown location (probably not South Street, Philadelphia) that's part of the ongoing "Bruins Hockey Rules" campaign by Mullen. The campaign's linchpin is a menacing bear that confronts fans who break the "rules" (here's a funnier TV spot where the mascot assaults a young man on a hockey date with a Habs fan.) Lame joke, yes. I'm only posting it because my over-matched Habs will probably be playing their last game tonight vs. the pussy Penguins and captain vagina Sidney Crosby. The Bruins can also eliminate the Flyers this evening.
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Blogger Joseph Goebbels said...

"Even if she shaves her moustache"!!
I used to date a woman with facial hair, she had a "goat". I didn't mind, but it dribbled all over my leather.

10:05 AM  

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