Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bullsh*t Product of the Week.

(click ad, via) Nurtureline calmdog™ dog food is "formulated with a unique blend of herbs (cannabis?) to calm the nervous system and counteract stress." You gotta be dog-shittin' me. Well then, I'm mixing some in with my Ramen tonight. At this website, it says calmdog is not a sedative, and "is not suitable for pregnant bitches." Shame that. Also, as you can see, we have yet another instance of Animal Photoshop Abuse.
Ad by Euro RSCG in Johannesburg.
Previous Bullshit Products:
Men's tissues.
tit-firming cream (nsfw).
• the $14,615 exercise bike.
female orgasm enhancer.
• world's first eco-friendly vodka.


Anonymous Lena Potapova said...

If I ever needed a therapist, I would forego all of them and choose you. Luckily (for both of us), I don't. But "pregnant bitches", oh God, "pregnant bitches"!

2:16 PM  
Blogger BusyB said...

greatt post

4:24 PM  

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