Monday, June 07, 2010

Giant Lego-like CokeMan attacks Johannesburg.

(click images) He's made of 2,500 Coke crates, weighs 25 tons and stands 16.5 meters tall, according to cherryflava. He's ostensibly an artistic recycling initiative (ha, call him Irony Man) created for Coca-Cola by Animal Farm. But really, with the World Cup starting Friday in South Africa, CokeMan is a big-ass BrandMan. He certainly beats that hideous 200,000 Coke recycling sculpture from last Summer. Previous ad sculptures: • Osama bin Plastic. • World's largest up-skirt billboard. • 15-ton drunk-driving awareness obelisk made of 80 wrecked cars. • 54-acre Verizon Guy made of corn.


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