Wednesday, June 16, 2010

(nsfw) In fashion advertising, when out of ideas, shoot ASS.

(click ads) Edgy fashion label DSquared has released images from their Fall/Winter 2010 ad campaign and, well, models are bare-ass naked for some reason. The reason? There is no reason. You just don't understand the vision of Dean and Dan Caten, civilian. They went to Parsons. There's also a bloody 10-packā€”fuck your magnificent abs, dude. And there's a floating male model, which is I guess some sort of homage to Damien Hirst, or something. Anyway, ASS. American Apparel of course does it. Joe's Jeans does it. Zero Degree jeans does it. Tom Ford does it. David Yurman convinced Kate Moss to do it. When in doubt, bring the ASS.


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