Wednesday, June 30, 2010

today's tongue-y billboard.

(click image) Well, it's actually from 2007, but I hadn't seen it before posted it this week amongst a rundown of double billboard executions. It was erected on Kyber Pass Road in Auckland, NZ to promote the Mars "chilled" bar. Kiwi and Aussie ad agencies have erected some of the most invasive boards in recent years. There was the Kill Bill billboard in Auckland that soaked parked cars with blood. The scary fake swine flu alert one in Sydney. The bleeding boy face board warning against driving too fast in the rain. And the bulging package billboard in Auckland promoting the HBO show "Hung."


Anonymous Lena.FM said...

Hm this is actually pretty good. I started salivating (and I don't even eat candy).

2:29 PM  

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