Monday, August 23, 2010

China Ad Watch: World Wildlife Fund.

(click ads, via) Geezer teens don't do the Dew! Goldfish eat dandruff! Viagra creates ICBM sperm! VW GTI drivers piss their jeans! Laundry detergent vs. Ninja death star blood burgers! Air freshener vs. fart bubble pants! Time for another installment of China Ad Watch—where I watch advertising from China—with a wary Western eye!
Here. we have ads for the WWF by the Shanghai office of Dentsu. Or: secret recruitment ads for the Triad. The copy translates very roughly: "we live in peace, then we can live forever." The visuals convey, I think, "hurt animals and we hurt ourselves." Relatively speaking, pretty clear messaging, People's Republic!
Click here to see previous WWF ads.
Opening paragraph style shamelessly stolen from Hamilton Nolan's Fitness Watch.


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