Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Cindy Crawford: Russian CosmoHot

(click ads, via) The beautiful 44-year-old superduper supermodel stars in the new fall campaign for Moscow's TsUM, Eastern Europe's largest fashion department store. A bit heavy on the retouching, but so it goes these days in over-produced fashion advertising.
According to the translated press note, the red apples were chosen as the creative linchpin because they are "a symbol of autumn, the temptation of beauty and aesthetics. And they "appeal to the ancient Russian roots as the word 'beautiful' comes from the word 'red' and the apple has long been considered a symbol of energy and life." Ads were shot in LA by Mert and Marcus. Previous supermodels in ads: Giselle Bündchen for Sky TV • Mini Naomi Campbell terrorizes sleeping maid for Cotton, Inc. • Amanda Lepore channels Naomi, Claudia.


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