Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Let's all laugh at the French Alzheimer's sufferers.

(click ads, via) There's a right way to do Alzheimer's awareness advertising (here). And then there's this way; both are via France by the same agency, Saatchi & Saatchi Paris! Headlines: "Without your support, his/her fight is already lost." Look at old Bazooka Joe, the idiot. And Grandma—she's always a blast! (Those candles are supposed to represent dynamite, in cased you missed it.) It's OK to laugh at them though, they're just French models. Inappropriate PSA ad humor week continues on copyranter. Previously: the award-winning Alzheimer's USB eraser.


Blogger KatjaMouse said...

I don't really get the old man but the old woman I think is showing some of the dangers of living with Alzheimer's. She's holding the lit match but you as the viewer aren't sure if she's thinking of lighting candles or lighting the pilot. If it's the latter, she could have gas going but decides to put the candles up instead. My $0.02.

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