Tuesday, November 30, 2010

PenisVertising Update: the limp guns of the Finnish army.

(click ad, via) Anti-smoking poster via the Cancer Society of Finland targeting troops that was hung (heh) in their barracks (I'm guessing). To the press note:
"Guys in the army love sex and gossip. The poster shows how smoking can damage the circulation of blood in those crucial thin veins."
Whose veins ya calling thin, fucknuts?!? Ad agency: 358, Helsinki.
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Blogger MrPlywood said...

this is my rifle
this is my gun
this is for fighting
this is for fun


8:11 PM  
Anonymous -1-track-mind- said...

At the same time, i urge all these loquacious Finnish army lovers to inform themselves on the perils of 'corn flakes' and other anaphrodisiac foods.


12:15 PM  

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