Thursday, December 30, 2010

TV spot: Europe tries to teach children about pedophiles.

(via) Via the Council of Europe, this commercial starring Kiko and "The Hand" will air in 47 countries, according to the agency press note. I...just don't know about this animation. Did ad agency Grey Amsterdam hold focus groups with a range of Euro kids? Wearing just underwear? Did some guy in a big striped hand costume provide visual accompaniment? I'm imagining the shocked look on parents' faces when their charges view this, and then start in with their 1,000 questions. Can I have striped panties, mommy? Daddy, do you touch mommy there?
Previous creepy pedophilia awareness ads:
• Pedo-Dad has an 11th finger.
Sexually branded Thai boys.
• Statutory Rape D-cupped right into our faces.


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