Wednesday, December 22, 2010

When Lawyers Advertise: NYC edition.

Local personal injury firm Trolman Glaser and Lichtman is back with two more spots in their mildly humorous TV campaign. Here, it's the familiar, pathetic gutted sports fan. He's holding a little soccer stress ball but since this is New York, "Mets fan" pops into one's head.
Again, I applaud Trolman for foregoing the absolutely awful animal metaphors that a ridiculous number of major law firms use in their ads. But while the concept here is OK, the executions are lacking. The spots ache for better acting and much better writing. Here's the 2nd one with a woman complaining about a song stuck in her head. And here's Trolman's previous two spots from last spring.
Ad agency: The Levinson Tractenberg Group.


Anonymous Darius said...

The acting is terrible, and the Eastern accent doesn't help him either.

12:11 PM  
Anonymous Bridget Bardot said...'s refreshing in comparison to legal ads out there. i think it could be a good PSA for the industry in general. Only problem is since working for my husband at his law office, i know somewhere out there someone is calling because they're taking the ads literally. "yeah...that's right. he called me a 'pussy' and that's all i can think of. this porn addiction is not my fault. and i want him to pay."

9:45 AM  

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