Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hey, I don't dislike these SKY TV ads.

(click ads, via) Look at copyranter, not hating something. They're not quite bell ringers, but they're struggling real hard to be great. Go ads go! (What am I saying?) Ad agency: Giovanni+DraftFCB, São Paulo, who, in a SKY TV Kill Bill ad, bitch-slapped Uma Thurman by replacing her with Gisele Bündchen.
Previous SKY TV ads:
• SKY Germany: the classiest porn commercial ever.
• SKY New Zealand: Stupid, funny Alien vs. Predator posters.
• SKY New Zealand: Knocked Up poster features live tadpoles as sperm.


Anonymous Josh said...

Confession: I wondered for a good five seconds what "7:04 Story" was until I got it. But the Ghostbusters one was perfect for the more slow-witted among us.

10:23 AM  
Anonymous Erik Estrada said...

Ghostbusters is good, but 7:04 Story is a stretch. Too much puzzling involved with that one.

10:26 AM  
Blogger Camila said...

um I still don't get 704story... any help?

12:01 PM  
Blogger copyranter said...

I know, that one's weak.
here's the third in the campaign:

12:06 PM  
Anonymous franCo. said...

Short and sweet, but let's see Giovanni+DraftFCB work with some of the longer film titles:

Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bride of the Return of the Revenge of the Terror of the Attack of the Evil, Mutant, Alien, Flesh Eating, Hellbound, Zombified Living Dead Part 2: In Shocking 2-D


"Un Fatto di sangue nel comune di Sculiana fra due unomini per causa di una vedova si sospetanomoventi politici.
- English translation is just "Revenge"

1:23 PM  

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