Friday, March 25, 2011

Eat yogurt. Blow your brains out.

(click ad via)  Suggesting putting guns in mouths—no matter how obtusely executed—is maybe not a keen idea—especially in depressing Poland! And the shotgun-spoon is just a bizarre, forced visual. Danio is a Polish Dannon product. Ad agency: Y&R, Warsaw. Previous bad yogurt ads:
this woman hasn't shit in three days!
Finally a manly yogurt for badass men.
Britney Spears "endorses" Aussie yogurt.
Julian Assange "endorses" Aussie yogurt.


Blogger timofieusz said...

don't recall to have seen it anywhere in Poland, maybe it's another 'never executed idea'

anyway, it's interesing thing with danio, some agency in poland has created animated figure of 'little hunger' (maly glod) which gets lost after eating danio product.

it's such a succes, that they have already made a series of the tv ads, which also get 'unoficial' versions and many parodies:

official website:

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