Thursday, September 15, 2011

Today's ad with gratuitous pixelated nude women.

(click ad, via)
It's an ad for Sweet Bands headbands. They're not sweatbands, as this venn diagram helpfully diagrams. No, they're continuing/capitalizing on the utterly insufferable trend of wearing sweatbands ironically. Right now they only have two moustache designs but others, including the "Tenebomb," are coming. Here's some insufferable quotes about the product:
"Like a passionate kiss from a stranger on the L train, Sweetbands stay with you."
 They "make one's forehead appear up to 37% sexier..."
About this ad:
"This demographic is often marketed to in specific groups, (hip hop, yuppies, hipsters, etc) by stripping the models of clothes we hopefully appeal to all genres."
Being ironic about being ironic is exponentially worse. Ad agency: thirtysevenclick.
Previous racy pixelated ads:
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pixelated penis-vertising via France.
• Nude woman with pixelated lingerie (nsfw).


Anonymous SomeOfJess said...

for fuck's sake. Yawn. Etc.

9:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can even see the badly photoshopped underwear. Can this suck a little bit more?

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Vinnie said...

The "sleaziest sunroof ads ever", via China, not on the list? Those are pretty gross.

And then let's not forget the Taiwanese cookies that flash you. Thanks for having them on your blog, since they got pulled from aotw.

10:25 AM  
Blogger Kate said...

This is the lamest ad I've seen for ages. Creative team should be fired (and so should the client for buying it).

10:31 AM  

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