Friday, September 16, 2011

TV spot of the Day: woman's boob gets poked 15+ times.

Actually, she probably had her (fake) boob poked 1,000+ times— I'm sure the male director of the spot shot many, many takes. Commercial for that starts airing tonight Down Under, according to Campaign Brief. Having met and known a few gentlemen who bet regularly on sports, I believe this insipid spot will connect well with their insipid brains. It would never air in the US, of course. Ad agency: Droga5.
Previous sports betting spots: gamblers chased by a giant lemur • Sex Pistols song "Pretty Vacant" is actually about football betting • And Betfair attaches banners to hawks to hawk Ryder Cup gambling.


Anonymous Julie said...

I had to wipe the testosterone from my screen after watching that! Nice concept though

3:42 PM  

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