Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Girlie Girls, here's a new girlie beer just for you!

HURRAY! Actually, Animée Beer has been out since July, but this is the first ad (Isn't it pretty?!?) for the "lightly sparkling, finely filtered" beer. It comes in three flavors: clear filtered, crisp rosé (Pink!), and zesty lemon. It's via Molson Coors. Says spokeswoman Kristy McCready:
"Animée is the result of an extensive research programme that looked at why women in Britain aren’t reaching for beer. The result is a new beer unlike others in the category, which we hope will break down these barriers. Animée is feminine and sophisticated."
The campaign launches with outdoor ads by London agency VCCP Blue. It'll be the official beer of Sex And The City 3. SEX AND THE CITY!
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Blogger Vinnie said...

There's worse things than this. At least the bottles look like normal beer bottles. Compare them to these perfume-shaped wine bottles, by grappa distillery Mazzetti d'Altavilla, Italia, available in Italy and Germany. The Product Launch Analytics division at Datamonitor called them "innovative".

9:57 AM  
Blogger cheeseonearth said...

I thought I hated Molson before... little did I know.

12:42 PM  
Blogger Chili said...

...remember Zima?

3:16 PM  

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