Tuesday, October 04, 2011

PETA buys ad space on dead man's urns.

(click images) Aaron Jamison died last weekend from terminal colon cancer. He got quite a bit notoriety via Gawker and other media sites picking up on his brave story. Last year, when he learned of his condition, he offered up the urn ad space to help pay for his eventual cremation costs. PETA reported yesterday that Aaron agreed to these two "hilarious" ads (those are not Aaron's urns). No word of what PETA paid for the rights. Update: Gawker's Hamilton Nolan says they paid two hundred measly bucks.
His memorial service is this Saturday. Will the urns with these ads on them be there? Or did PETA just pay Jamison so they could could display these images on their website, and anywhere else they please? I don't really get this transaction.
PETA, of course, will exploit anyone and anything for publicity. A beheading. The bp oil spill. A Swine Flu death. John Lennon. Roger Clemens' flaccid penis. Etc.


Blogger rudeboy said...

PETA's never been known for either good taste or intelligence.

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