Thursday, November 03, 2011

Stripper bar selling "Alibis" fragrances for men.

(click posters) Mavericks, a nudie bar in Cape Town, is offering three colognes for the holiday season:
My Car Broke Down: "the scent of fuel, burnt rubber, grease and steel."
We Were Out Sailing: "fresh ocean spray, sea salt, aqua and cotton rope."
I Was Working Late: "coffee, wool suits, cigarettes and ink."
The idea is via "South African creative guru Porky Hefer." The posters are being erected around the Cape Town area.
Where's the I Was At Church—middle notes of wood pews and robes, with a base of old man farts? Or the I Was At Our Son's Soccer Match—equal measures sweat & Axe body spray? Via.
Previous bad idea fragrances:
Ed HardyDaytona 500 • and Someday, via Justin Bieber.


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