Wednesday, January 18, 2012

If you buy this f*cking facebook bed, I hope you die in your sleep.

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Lucky for the world, this is, at the moment, just a concept bed. See how it works? You wake up and immediately hop up to the top of the "f" to sit down and start facebooking! Mark Zuckerberg will be lightly banging his girlfriend (they're not married yet, right?) on this long before you get one.
Previously: the facebook shower curtain.


Anonymous Axel said...

It seems to me you only have to re-imagine any household item with a tech/social media slant, and you get it fired round the web faster than an Italian Cruise Liner joke (eh, Copyranter?). Facebook Bed, Social Media Shower Curtain, Apple Toilet. It's all startlingly un-original.

That said, I'm currently in the process of Photoshopping an image of my sofa so it says 'Twitter' on it in huge letters. I'll get it over to you, stand by to post it with all speed.

9:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

make sure you buy the itoilet to go along with that.


11:10 AM  
Anonymous mrjohn said...

designed for a facefuck on facebook

10:29 PM  

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