Friday, January 06, 2012

Renault supports gay marriage (TV spot).

Fuck Yeah, Dad! That stud's about—what?—half your age, right? You a Sugar Daddy now? Sorry, how rude of me. So, congrats—you're the Top, right? Sorry, sorry. Anyway: SUCK IT, Michelle Bachmann. Ad agency: Publicis, France.
Previously: This Irish commercial is flamingly gay.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

AND they had a child out of wedlock! In your FACE, Santorum!!

1:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some gentleman from Russia asked me to marry him. I hope he didn't learn about me through your blog. Here's the tweet.!/TheGrammarCunt/status/154938937826217984 Do you think I did the right thing by turning him down?

2:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

TGC, oh, you poor, poor dear. is it too late to go back, and say 'yes, yes, YES!'? go back, and be happy!


3:16 PM  
Anonymous -1-T-M- said...

Marry me, you hottie!
- Siobhan Merkwurdigelieb

as handsome as you are, I'm afraid I'll have to pass.
- TheGrammarCunt

Prudent move CUNT!

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see his heart is only set on a 'United States Permanent Resident Card' (green card).

3:35 PM  
Anonymous cath said...

It's too bad he was in such a hurry to wed. Foreign affairs can be fun. Haste like that, however, makes me think that that his is a strange love indeed (to put it diplomatically). Oh, well; what's done is done. Stop worrying, and learn to love the bombshells Twitter drops on you.

5:09 PM  

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