Monday, January 16, 2012

Six Ads with Martin Luther King, Jr. selling crap (Beer, Mattresses, Suntan Lotion).

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Although he lags well behind Hitler, and Tits, MLK has still moved a fair amount of product in the last five years.
Top LGet it? Ad agency: Serviceplan, Germany. Top R—"It's Good To Be Black" says Sundown brand suntan lotion (sorry, for the low res scan—it's just a bio of MLK). CLASSY. Ad agency: DDB Brazil.
Middle Left—"Dream" on Dormimundo mattresses. Ad agency: DDB Mexico. Middle Right: This a beaut for Haywards Black stout. Copy reads: "I have a dream that one day little black bottles and little black glasses of beer will be able to sit at the table with little pale bottles and pale glasses of beer as sister and brothers." Ad agency: Ogilvy, India.
Bottom Left—Trade ad for VW's TSI engine. At least they respected white space. Ad agency: Ogilvy Cape Town. Bottom Right—Creepy as fucking Hell in-store poster promoting biographies for South African bookstore chain Booksellers. See the world with MLK's cut-out dead eyes. Ad agency: Ogilvy Johannesburg.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

isn't mlk copyrighted? if so, then someone is making some beaucoups bucks?


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