Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day message from PETA: Vegan Boys Boom-Boom Better.

I hate long acronyms that are forced. "Knocked the Bottom out of me"? But, that way, they got BOOM at the end of it. The video's well produced. Obligatory gratuitous babe ass shot included, of course; that's the PETA way. That's Kevin Nealon v/o-ing. Here's the website, complete with fake testimonials and safety tips. Ad Agency: Matter.
Previously, PETA pushed the supposed dick-hardening benefits of veganism by mocking flaccid-cocked Roger Clemens, and with this "banned" Super Bowl spot featuring bikini models fellating veggies.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I eat tons of meat because I need the protein to build even more muscle, and when you are a big muscled man like me, you boom boom hard. Now, look at that scrawny dude. He's like Ranter. Boom booming like a porn star, my ass.

8:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only things knocking out of the bottoms of every vegan I knew in college was horrific farts from their all bean n' lentil diets

10:55 PM  

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