Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Brains & Advertising don't mix.

OMG! I’m missing the Emotion in Advertising presentation in the Bloomberg Building! Taxi! Ahem. So, using biometrics and fMRI imaging (snicker), ARF, ANA, and AAAA (men & women of letters) have completed research that they claim will help agency bullshitters learn what makes an ad work.
Yeah. Good one.
Clients of course want guarantees that advertising works. So agencies employ overpaid marketing eggheads to come up with shitpiles of white paper to back up something like, oh let's go with, Burger King's Herb The Nerd campaign.
40 mil down the shitter for that gem. But I'm sure brain scans of the focus group members would have foretold that.


Blogger ohoney said...

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11:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How cool for John Merrick to tell his kids/grandkids, "hey, I once made an assload of $ dressing up like a nerd and handing out prizes at Burger King for a year." His contemporaries today would be...erm, well, the Dell dude. God, if only everyone could expirence the feeling of having momentarily fleeced the general public into believing they're somehow talented...except the Dell guy probably cared more and John, i imagine, was simply content with his momentary good fortune. Oh, and I'm pretty sure that regardless of wherever he went/goes to school, the Dell kid could never convince anyone he's a "classically trained actor".

p.s.--i too am a copywriter and i take much glee in your commentary. Found your blog through Gawker. In fact, my being a copywriter is probably why i'm typing this in the first place. clients want everything to look pretty but could care less about the concept. And thus, downtime at work yet again (when i'm not stealthly doing freelance work, that is).

so keep up the fun

2:17 PM  
Blogger Iagos said...

Where is the Schaefer painted girl? I can see her in my minds eye and to be honest I am scared!

3:09 PM  

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