Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Make sure you pack up your Seniors securely before shipping them off to the old folks home.

(click ads) The town of Siena, Italy wanted to produce a poster campaign reminding young people to treat their elders—"the third age"—with respect. But instead, local agency milc created these ads which mercilessly mock them. "Close your eyes PopPop, I'm just going to push your face gently down. It'll all be over soon." (images via) Previously in The Olds: Geezer Jocks. Geezer Junkies. Geezer Incontinence. And a terrifying Alzheimer's awareness spot via France.


Anonymous NONNO/NONNA said...

In conveying the proper due respect, the agency wisely went with 'styrofoam peanuts' and not the more fun and frivolous 'bubble wrap'.

8:41 PM  

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