Wednesday, February 24, 2010

scary Photoshopped Handvertising of the week.

(click ad, via) Art directors love digitally fucking with the human body, especially faces and hands. Previously, we've seen: HIV awareness ads featuring lovers with 12 hands; McDonald's fries made from human hand fat; and the Seat Exeo GPS finger of death. Now, for a speciously-named Thai hand sanitizer called "Jermrid," microscopic germs made of hands, I guess. By the Bangkok office of McCann. Here's some previous even scarier hand sanitizer ads featuring kittens and hamsters Photoshopped to look like crossiants and muffins. Also: hand sanitizers don't work.


Anonymous is nothing sacred? said...


I know influenza is a serious problem, nothing to sneeze at and I'm absolutely sure I'm going to hell for this BUT... all that HAND-WRINGING***... is it a museum piece, a 'NOSTRA CULPA' memorial of Germany's war time sins???

*** wringing - a feigned and excessive exhibition of distress.

12:03 PM  
Anonymous is nothing sacred? said...


It's a graphic aid for the hearing impaired warning them of some of the dangers if they regularly watch the ladies gabfest on 'THE VIEW'.

12:30 PM  

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