Thursday, November 08, 2007

Law firm says either you're an ostrich, they're an ostrich, or the law is an ostrich.

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Another law firm
, another case of goofy misused animal symbolism. First, let's review past wild kingdom ads by law firms:
Bingham McCutchen is either a bear or a zebra.
Dykema is a giraffe.
Zuckerman Spaeder is a lion and I'm a canary; or, they're maybe an iguana and I'm a fly.
Now, I will attempt to professionally analyze this ad from Day Pitney. Ostriches are known for sticking their heads in the sand to "hide" from danger, right? So, maybe DP is saying that they'll protect you/me, the ostrich, "when things get ugly?" But, one could also read this layout as saying, 'when things get ugly, we the ostrich law firm, will be there to save you/me. OR, the ostrich could be representing "things" getting ugly, which means law issues, I guess.
Update: commenter antfarm says it's an emu, which just increases the confusion...
(scanned from yesterday's Wall Street Journal)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the heck? That's an emu, not an ostrich!

"When things get ugly..." ... like an emu... "What a difference a DAY makes."

Indeed. After all, a day is a long time in politics.

2:22 AM  
Blogger Moncholo said...

Maybe the emu (really? not an ostrich?) is a reference to the "something you can't predict may threaten your business interests" bit.

Like..."Holy crap - my hedge fund tanked! Why the ($%# did we ever let that emu in here?"

11:08 AM  

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