Friday, February 08, 2008

Link Haze, 2/08/08.

It's the American Apparel lady liberty (click pic) by Marc Quinn, via.
Freakonomics is looking for a six-word U.S. motto to replace In God We Trust. After exactly three seconds of thought, I came up with: Red White And Blue. Fuck You. (link)
Live Bait Latte. Mmmm. (link)
Win a £8,000 holiday to...Kenya. (link)
The Titty Ho Motor Company. (via) has plastered passageways under Grand Central Station with posters. (link)
Some guy had an "owl" (it looks nothing like a fucking owl) carved into the back of his head for a fashion week event, and Vice thinks this was "brilliant." (link)
Local Ad Report: a landscaping company puts rocks in a Ziploc bag to make cutesy driveway mail pieces. (link)
How much do you love pasta? Not this much. (link)
You wanna see a cool fucking video? This is a cool fucking video (thanks to Andrei at
Bed-Stuy doesn't give a shit who will be the next President. (link)
Oh looksy: a cutesy ribbon logo thingy for the striking writers. (link)
Kellogg's reuses and Photoshops an image from its MLK ad in its Black History Month ad. Slick. (link)
Romanian man sues a sex shop because his sex doll lost its (her?) moan. Man wins case. (link)
Lastly, The 10 funniest anti-drug spots in advertising history. (link)
update @ 4:28 pm: jesus christ, I need to blow some doob right now...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

RE: The Freakonomics six-word motto.

Be Cool or We'll Waterboard Your Ass.

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