Thursday, April 03, 2008

Apparently dolphins ran off with your luggage, Heathrow terminal 5 travelers.

(click ad to read copy and look at the dolphins in flooded terminal 5)
"Feel calm again" some point in the future.
British Airways ad from the May issue of Atlantic magazine introducing their new home in terminal 5 of London's Heathrow airport. Unfortunately for BA, this ad was placed and delivered to the publication before the terminal five fiasco began on March 27th. The copy reads, in part: "Immerse yourself in serenity as you flow effortlessly through your journey." This Utopian hooey is from a carrier that was already the worst European airline for lost luggage before the terminal 5 opening. A piranha tank would now be a more apropos image. previously in airline advertising: Korean Air attendant drops to her knees to service you; In 1968, American Airlines stewardesses were MILFs; the Ryanair 2009 bikini calendar; Delta—Playa; Delta makes a Brazilian joke; Taglines are DUMB—Work Hard. Fly Right.


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