Monday, April 07, 2008

JWT NY posts craigslist ads selling "pre-owned" Stride gum.

(click image to read copy)
This is one way to get around using the chewy hooey copy or pointless artwork that has gummed up recent gum ads. The agency is looking for a viral boost for this questionable effort for Stride, "the ridiculously long-lasting gum." And, well, I guess I'm helping them achieve that. Don't know if it's part of a larger integrated campaign. If anybody's got more info, please enlighten in the comments. (there's also a facebook version)


Blogger Nik Daum said...

Way to ruin Craigslist, Wrigleys. Maybe you should secretly pay a blog writer to praise your delicious, long lasting gum too. Let us all buy a pack.

12:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So CLEVAH!!! How do you Madison Avenue types think up all these good ideas? It's just genius! I just want to rush out and buy a pack of that pre-chewed gum! I wonder if they have CUD flavor?

2:46 AM  

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