Friday, May 09, 2008

Link Haze, 5/09/08.

• This old A-Bomb brochure is just plain scary. (link)
Tropic Thunder, starring Black Downing, Jr. (link)
• Two of the Sex And The City girls got to keep their clothes from the movie, two didn't. WAH! BOO-HOO! SEX AND THE CITY!!! (link)
• More band names from Google news: this week's fave—Reeling From A Drubbing. (link)
• Here are the other two print ads from the naked Brazilian woman campaign for Cabana Caçhaca rum. (link)
HRC has already said that Barack Obama has weak support amongst white Americans. So just how low do you think John McCain will go? This low? (link)
• The stupid Mentos "Kiss Cam" has apparently been killed. (link)
• In June, MindShare New York is taking its employees on a ghastly field trip to Six Flags Great Adventure in lovely Jackson, NJ. Fun Fact: I worked games there one summer a long time ago. (link)
These two Old Spice spots, hilarious. This one, blah. (link)
• Of all the bad derivative plays on Got Milk? I've seen, this is the worst. (link)
• Dabitch at adland made a birthday cake for Spam. Not that Spam. (link)
• Some religious-right loonies are protesting the Starbucks mermaid. (link) Their idiotic advertising, now there's something to protest about.
• A Georgia state senator wants to ban pot-flavored candy. (link)
• Don't make your drug deals on this Brooklyn payphone, it's tapped. How do I know? Because it says so! (link)
• That's a monster of a fib in's diversity ad. (link)
• This decrepit subway billboard is a piece of modern art. (link)
• A UK telemarketer gets the reaming of his life in this hilarious call. (link)
• Forgetting the snarkiness for a second, this story brought tears to my eyes on the subway this morning. (link)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You 'forgot' the snarkyness? That means... you're human? I'm speechless.

5:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ogilvy did the same field trip last week...

12:46 PM  

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