Friday, June 13, 2008

Actually these days, it deserves a fifth of Jack and a couple of Klonopin.

(Click poster for closer look. Looks like David Wright swinging, but I think it's just some non-Met model guy.)
Seriously, the Mets need something a little stronger to sponsor their game-blowing asses these days. Like maybe an absinthe brand or heroin (even the Yankees got Johnnie Walker). But despite that stupid made-up meaningless marketing phrase "Superior Drinkability," at least Bud Light's got the messaging right: If you go to Shea, start drinking in the first inning and don't stop. C'mon Billy Wagner, you're fucking killing my girlfriend! previous Mets/Yankees posts: Bank of America ad features typical asshat Yankee fan; Introducing Bleacher Creature cuff links; my shrink says—watch more Mets games; A-Rod's big pants and milk moustache; Yankee clubhouse soon to smell like whorehouse. (snapped at the W4th subway station)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If my US friends are correct and Bud (any variety) tastes like crap, and these guys play like crap, it's a match made in heaven.

9:41 AM  

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