Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The marketing of the Johovah's Witnesses: they can go negative or they can go positive.

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(Speaking of religious marketing, here are the covers of two different Watchtower pamphlets, both found on the floor of Manhattan A trains. If you live in NYC, you've probably had one slipped under your apartment door.)
(L)—I already wrote about this doom and gloom Watchtower in depth in a column for Gawker. But just to recap: The J-Dubs, overall, are all about The End Is Near. Inside this pamphlet, they attack "false religion" (by showing a picture of an evil-looking Catholic priest), and say, quoting Revelation a lot, "soon" followers of false religions will have their fleshy parts eaten, and will "completely burn with fire..."
(R)—But the J-Dubs know—just like Coke and Pepsi—that negative marketing tactics can be a real turnoff. So, their followers also hand out this warmly-colored Watchtower featuring big-smiling saved people in Paradise, co-mingling with wild beasts and surrounded by abundant food stuffs (and drinking lots of Perrier). These are "the upright"..."those who learn Jehovah's will and do it."
Either way, the exclamation points in the headlines? Bad idea, J-Dubs. You think they add urgency, but what they actually add is screaming insanity. related: an examination of bail bonds adverts; an examination of global warming logos.


Blogger RFB said...

I'll give the JWs this: they've been on the forefront of multi-ethnic illustrations for years.

10:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

An exclamation point after the first is almost justified - depends how excited/panicked you are about it suppose.

As for the other, pretty sure exclamation points were outlawed in heaven in the New Testament (somewhere towards the back IIRC).

1:39 AM  

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