Tuesday, March 31, 2009

1965: Raquel Welch for Wate-On.

(click ad) Welch was definitely the leading pin-up poster woman of the late 1960s (She's the last pin-up Andy Dufresne has on his wall before escaping in Shawshank Redemption.). Here she is, as the copy states, prior to her first big role in A Swingin' Summer, hawking Wate-On's condensed food tablets and homogenized liquid emulsions. Her testimonial from Hollywood reads, in part:
"Often we skip lunch and dinner and so, often I rely on Wate-On Emulsions and Tablets...for their weight sustaining calories."
Coke wasn't that big yet in the 60s. My oh skinny-ass my, how times have changed. (image via Flickr) related: 1963 Chubbette Fashions ad.
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Blogger Laura said...

Raquel in that ad still looks what I think most any man-on-the-street these days would call "skinny". I suspect in the age before Coke and Supersizing it and fast food and twinkies being the most calories for the cost, and thus obesity being the disease of the poor, there were more people who were looking to gain weight to avoid being "beanpoles". Some tipping of the beauty scale towards the beanpole is certainly at work, but Raquel isn't advocating women being heavier to an extent that would not be considered attractive now. It's just considered thinner in comparison to the average now, and thus people are trying to lose to get to that size instead of gaining to get to that size.

3:16 PM  
Blogger msspurlock said...

The phrase "homogenized liquid emulsions" makes me woozy.

2:56 PM  

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