Thursday, April 23, 2009

Private Jet Advertising Roundup.

(click ads) After the big three automaker CEOs got very publicly slammed for flying their luxurious private planes to Washington to beg for handout cash, you'd think maybe the corporate jet industry would—marketing-wise—retreat with its tail between its legs. Not so! In fact, the latest issue of Forbes features a special private jet advertising section. Here's a sampling of the ads.
Top LCessna says, damn the economic flak, and "keep flying in this storm. Eventually the weak will wither, and the bold will emerge stronger." Boo-yah! Go ahead and fly commercial, pussy boy. Enjoy the food.
Top RFlexjet goes with the understated, thoughtful approach. "...we politely (snicker) request that you ignore the stereotypes, take a deep breath, and objectively consider the impact this could have on your business..."
Bottom L—"The Common Sense of Efficiency" is Dassault Falcon's tagline—pretty much any business product or service could sport that line. Their ad, featuring your standard, generic pensive exec, tries to guilt you into wasting company resources on their jets in order to lift the world economy as a whole.
Bottom R—Lastly, Beechcraft speciously takes on the Congressional incident head-on. "If three Detroit CEOs had arrived in Washington in the Beechcraft® King Air 350, they might have received a warmer reception..." Highly doubtful!
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Anonymous lallaisblonde said...

Okay, but who gets a bailout for Dick Measuring?

2:31 PM  
Anonymous Tim said...

There's also No Plane No Gain. Good stuff!

6:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The industry needs to correct the image that private aircraft are used as an executive perk. The fact is, about 87% of corporate aircraft usage is not by executives but by middle management and the sales and technical departments.

What's missing are "true life" stories of businesses that use their corporate aircraft to beat their competition and increase efficiency. Companies large and small use everything from single-prop Cessnas on up to bring customers to their plants, take sales teams on whirlwind multi-stop/single-day road trips, and bring technicians and parts to fix broken assembly lines.

The absolute BEST example to use would be none other than Walmart. Sam Walton said, "We never could have done it without these airplanes." Has there ever been a better quote for a business aircraft advertisement? Walmart is known to be one of the most efficient/penny-pinching companies there is, yet they have a whole fleet of aircraft. They fly all middle management all over the country to visit operations. If Walmart didn't think private aircraft enabled them to be more efficient, they would be the first to sell them.

10:34 AM  
Anonymous Sujan Patricia said...

Many advantages when you choose to charter a private jet which are flexibility, convenience and privacy. As more individuals opt to fly private - the FAA projects that private flight jet hours will increase 300%.

6:51 AM  

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