Wednesday, September 23, 2009

E.D. humor works perfectly for fabric softener.

(click ad) This, via O&M in Bangkok (snicker), is the anti-Snuggle ad. And I fucking hate Snuggle. The embarrassed Mr. Clothington made the huge mistake of bathing in Comfort brand fabric softener, so now the missus is gonna have to break out her 1,000 thread count Egyptian vibrator. The Whiskey Dicks can relate! (image via) Related: Viagra ads from around the world: sleazy, spermy, Gawker.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another scam.....Unilever making soft cock jokes....since when! The Spikes 2009 awards gave this piece of shit (that probably ran once in the pattaya GoGo Journal) a GOLD!

Spikes, what a scam show!

12:41 PM  

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